Sunday, August 21, 2011

kayaking | lower lewis falls, wa

Over the river and through the woods to Lower Lewis Falls we go...

I love watching skilled kayakers. They have a grace that makes hucking yourself off a waterfall look like a piece of cake. Truth is, it's intense and takes a great understanding of the water and knowing your personal skill level. yeah, so that said--I sat on the sideline and photographed my bad ass friends.

Below is my dear friend, Dave Hoffman, a skilled kayaker who has also been known to have a camera in hand. He's also a kayak instructor in Portland, Oregon so if you find yourself in the area call up Next Adventure and ask for "the best looking kayak instructor..."

Below is Louis Geltman, another amazing kayaker that did this drop with nothing but control and grace.

You can be an amazing kayaker and athlete but sometimes things don't go just as planned...and that is why you go with people you trust.

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