Sunday, August 21, 2011

portland, oregon | a love story

It might be the crisp air or the quirkiness that Portlandians take pride in or being surrounded by a vibrant food culture and a killer outdoor scene OR the fact that you can bike pretty much anywhere in the city without having a mini heart attack every time you hop on your wheels...ahhh yes...the list continues. All I know is I left a little piece of my heart (and a pair of socks) there.

My favorite time of day was when the sun started setting behind the mountain, the sky turned a dark blue and the silhouetted hillside just sparkled. That--is my kind of cityscape. I can't think of a better way to see this than an evening paddleboard session {with a dear friend} on the Willamette River.

I spent an afternoon roaming the downtown market and streets and found myself photographing people. Go figure. Normally when I travel I come home with lots of architectural/food shots but this time the people totally captivated me. The outfits, the smiles, the impromptu dancing just because --"why would you need a reason to dance." These are a just a few people that caught my eye for various reasons. I adore you all.



  1. Portland. You little gem.

  2. I like the individual people shots. nice !

  3. Love the photos. Guess you'll have to go back for those socks...

  4. The photos of the street peeps are fantastic...everyone looks so happy and beautiful. It does look like you love them, you captured them so well :).