Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Horses Up!

There is one southern tradition that I love...last Saturday I joined a few friends for the annual Gold Cup races. These horses are true athletes, strong, beautiful and full of grace and power. Steeplechase races consist of jumping fences, ditches and water over the rolling countryside while running at speeds of 25+mph. Races are usually a couple miles long. Unreal. Steeplechase races put track racing to my opinion (although I do watch track racing).

Though I was busy eating cheese and deciding which horse to bet on...I managed to take a picture or two.

If anyone is interested in learning more about how/where to rescue some of these amazing animals after they are retired please contact me so I can pass on some great companies.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The lovely people of Nicaragua

While I was in Nicaragua I had the chance to meet and photograph 5 different businesses that Agora Partnerships have given business support. I was incredibly impressed with the work ethic and the passion that was fueling these businesses. Each owner was welcoming and happy to have us there and show us around.

PanaderĂ­a Corazon de Ozo
I LOVED this bakery. It was such a treat watching them prepare all the yummy baked goods. They built this massive clay oven into the wall that bakes over 15 trays of breads at a time. Very cool. He has 2 locations plus a large garage-like building where he plans on hosting cooking classes in the future.

This is a sewing and embroidery business. They make the cutest childrens clothes along with some very detailed embroidery! This husband and wife team were so friendly and welcomed us with open arms; it seems to have trickled down the line to the rest of the workers. I left with a really cute bag which will soon be a beach bag!! Muchos gracias Oscar & Aida!

Fabrica Pochi
This mother + daughter team were awesome! They package purified water for the community and sell to lower income areas. Pochi (the daughter) and I climbed up a VERY sketchy ladder to show me the solar panels on their roof!! All their water is heated via solar energy...totally impressed.

This company has a lot of family love involved. The owner, his brother and mother all contribute to help the success of this vegi and fruit processing company. They get farm fresh produce and package it in their factory then send it off to local restaurants and stores. The local Quiznos uses their lettuce, tomatoes  and other produce!

Clinica del Pie
This was the foot doctor; equipped for all your pedicure needs as well as other foot treatments. It was very clean and again the people were so friendly and everyone seemed to be very happy at work! That's something you don't see everyday.

Thank you to the entrepreneurs and employees for being so gracious. This is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I hope to go back and visit soon!

More Nica scenery shots coming up...