Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christy+Seth | Aruba Wedding!

**to follow this story in order, read THIS first then THIS and then you'll be caught up.**

After the morning ceremony we all returned to the resort to regroup for the actual wedding festivities! Now Christy went for her massage and relaxation time while others took a dip in the ocean. I unloaded my cards, ran to the ocean to jump in quick (so rejuvenating) and repacked my stuff for party time.

They had a sunset ceremony on the beach between two trees. So perfect. Smiles, tears, laughs were all shared amongst everyone. Christy gave each person a starfish to make a wish and toss into the ocean. After the sun had set, dinner was served on the beach. Nothing like dinner and dancing by torchlight, steel-drum playing, and barefoot in the sand. So romantic.

It also happen to be the end of Aruba's Carnival! It's a huge deal for the islanders. Everyone makes their own costumes complete with exotic headdresses. Apparently, you can tell which part of the island they are from by the colors they choose. One of the ladies gave Christy her headdress knowing she was a bride to be! Seeing as it was an Aruba wedding Christy and Seth decided to bring it out on the wedding night. Everyone had a turn to wear it -- it seemed to bring the carnival spirit out of whomever had it on!

Thank you for letting me part of your day. It really was an honor and so much fun! much love.


  1. Gorgeous photos, Kristen! What an amazing setting!

  2. awesome! that one of them walking back down the aisle is PRICELESS. love them all!

  3. Nice job, KFinn! I really like the one coming back down the aisle and the woman lighting her cigarette from the torch is priceless. love. it. so. much.

  4. Your sure chose the right profession. Really lovely pictures that captured sooo much. Nancy from Panino.

  5. thank you for the comments! they were a great group for sure!
    Nancy -- thank you for saying that. means a lot. Hope all is well with you!