Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christy+Seth | Aruba Pre-Wedding

Why get a massage and nails done the day before the wedding when you can go four-wheeling around the island! I think it's genius. Wedding jitters seem to fade away while you're roaming hidden caves, old ruins, or just trying not to flip the 4wheeler down steep, rocky hills! Not to mention a great way to see the island.

Christy, Seth and their family were so welcoming, I felt like I've known them all for years. They truly are in love with each other and life. They wanted a relaxed, fun wedding week and this was a great way to kick it off.

Thank you Christy for letting me hop on with you! It was a blast! Enjoy a few of my favs.


  1. Kristen, thank you so much!!! I feel like I have known you for years also. Your photos are amazing!

  2. Christy! You guys are amazing!!