Thursday, October 28, 2010

honey harvest!

oh yes. I love this time of year, bees buzzing, floors get a little sticky to the step, porch transformations and the end product...raw, fresh, unheated, untreated honey. there's nothing sweeter.

The other week my Dad (aka the bee man) gathered all his tools and began the extraction process and of course I had to shoot a few photos to share! My Dad is quite the resourceful worker. As you will see, the knife used to cut the thin wax cappings off each frame is nothing but the kitchen bread knife (used daily I might add) and to heat that knife he uses nothing other than his camping stove and french press. quite simple and smart I think. He doesn't do this commercially (anymore) he does this for himself, the environment and for his incredibly pushy daughter that would never let him hear the end of it if he quit. Therefore, he can convert the porch into a sticky, sweet, honey house once a year with out too much hassle from my Mom.

After all the frames have been spun and filtered into the bucket he put them out for the bees to finish it off, meaning, free lunch for the bees!

One last portrait of my Dad, The Bee Man. xo


  1. YUMMMM. i want some. awesome photos and your dad looks so sweet - he has kind eyes.

  2. I love the pictures. What a fun fall happening.


  3. "Come on now, gimme some sugar...gimme some sugar, little honey bee!" - Tom Petty

    Very cool!