Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here is a wedding I shot with Kristi Odom. This was a super fun couple and a beautiful venue. To see the more from the day check out Kristi's blog. Thanks guys for having me!

Making it official!

This was my first Jewish wedding and I'm a bit behind when it comes to Jewish traditions. All Kristi told me was "to get ready" and "run to the middle...NOW!". So, being the newbie, I did what she said and there I was sitting on the floor in the middle of the circle doing my best to shoot the madness. It was great! Am I aloud to incorporate this into my wedding day even though I'm not Jewish?


  1. love it, kristen! awesome. that bathtub shot is so cool!!

  2. Thanks Kristen! That was Courtney's suggestion...what a cool bride!

  3. Thanks Mary! Just had a field day running through your blog! just lovely!