Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Day with Dad...and the Bees.

I recently did a photo story on my Dad, The Beekeeper. It was very special to me to spend a few days tagging along with him to work, making lunch, taking Mom to school and watching how he works the bees.

Here are a few images from the story...

Drawing done by my Mom, Sue.

Thank you Dad for being you. love you.

I'll post more from this story and my first attempt at multi-media soon! 


  1. Kristen! I love it! Put some more on here. I want to see all the photos from this. I love the first picture and a few in between the most.

  2. Kristen, this is so good! I love the photos, and I may need to employ you for a project sometime soon...I'll call you! Emily

  3. ....I love the angles and light you capture.

    Maybe a little photshop on ole dad would be good:)!

    but mostly thanks for the kind words. love you.


  4. Thanks guys, it was fun!

    Emily-thanks for looking and I'm all yours whenever you like! (that's what she said).

  5. Oh Kristen, I love these so much! That first photo of your dad is priceless. And I love all the details! Seriously. Gorgeous. Awesome job!

  6. these are fantastic. i'd honestly love to have a couple of them framed. where's the full story? i want to read it!

  7. absolutely brilliant - love the story, love the images, love the dad :)

  8. thanks so much! He is a trip!

    -Elizabeth- it was just a photo story but I recently read this great article on Virginia beekeeping if you'd like to check it out!
    Thanks for the comments!

  9. hey k finn....beautiful story that you have told, i love these photos of your dad. they really capture his spirit and his love for bee keeping. so props to you! and p.s. where can we be purchasing these? sounds like i'm not the only one who is interested....

  10. Hey Steph! Thanks for the lovely compliments!

    I'm in the process of getting my website up and running (not my specialty) and you'll be able to purchase prints online (eventually) but for now...via email.