Wednesday, November 11, 2009

here and there

I thought I'd post of few images from random days shooting at CDIA. Our class started in September and it's been an awesome experience so far and I'm really looking forward to some of our future classes and their challenges. But for now here are some odds and ends for ya.

a few from one of the sculpture gardens.

The National Art Gallery has a lighting installation in the hallway that connects you to the contemporary art wing. A group of us rode the moving walkway through the lights for at least 45 minutes. My favorite pic of the lights was posted on the first blog post. (note: they're shot with tungsten white balance, minus the B/W of course)
Simple pleasures.

why I love photographers: This is Robert, our professor. He was right there riding the walkway with us the whole time shooting away.
So great.

Below are images from an alleyway just outside the Foundry Building. Quite beautiful (and handsome) models if I do say so myself.

one of my few self portraits. hello.

around Georgetown for fun

Better safe than sorry?

there's something comforting about symmetry...

sometimes just being alive feels good.

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