Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great Falls...Awesome.

I've never been to Great Falls and it was about time I did. I drove over just in time for the sunset. The evening hours are probably my favorite time of day. You can't ask for better light, everything looks gorgeous.

There is something captivating about water...maybe it the raw power it has but at the same time it's quite soothing.

We'll start with soothing...

and then raw power...

where's waldo...

this little guy didn't seem too impressed...

Great Falls has lots to offer; climbing, kayaking if you dare, hiking, relaxing, or even a good old bar-b-q! Definitely worth the trip if you've never been.


  1. I love the raw power pictures. Chris and I went running near Great Falls yesterday. It's a great place to go this time of year.

    I found Waldo :)