Friday, March 15, 2013

an unworkshop

Why do you go to workshops? Need a boost of inspiration, learn new tricks, get out of town, meet the photographer??? It was a little of all of this for me as well as good timing. I've never been interested in workshops for many reasons but I've been a fan of John Keatley's work for a while and when I heard he was doing his first workshop and it was an UNworkshop I was intrigued. A few things fell into place and I was off to the northwest!

I have lots of notes and thinking points but instead of breaking down my notes I want to give you a visual idea of what it was like to partake in an Unworkshop...

The energy was high, people were being inspired and our bellies were full of doughnuts. It was solid. 

I was super stoked to have the opportunity to use a Hasselblad! I'm visually attracted to that frame size and the detail is RIDICULOUS! It was great getting back into the studio and using controlled set ups so the focus is 100% on the subject. Not that I'm ready to give up natural lighting and settings -- no way. For me, controlling my environment (as much as possible) and light (whether natural or artificial) to be most comfortable and flattering for my subject makes the most sense and my goal when I shoot. I'm quite excited to push forward on my projects and share with you all some of the lovely folks I've met. Until then, here are some of my Hasselblad portraits from John Keatley's Unworkshop.

"do the best you can, with what you have now"
"don't forget to have a little fun"

A huge thank you to everyone at the Keatley studios for all your hardwork and making it a weekend to remember! 

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