Wednesday, January 16, 2013

meg+arik | a lovely surprise

You really can't control life. It has a way of sneaking in, keeping you on your toes and many times blessing you with it's sweetness. This was one of those evenings. What started as an intimate family gathering in celebration of Meg and Arik ended with a surprise! One year ago today, this is what was happening in their lives...

A beautiful winter afternoon at the ever charming and rustic Poplar Springs Manor House.

While the family chatted, played around and started gathering for dinner, Meg had stepped away to "freshen up" only to return to the table long enough to make her announcement. I don't remember her word for word but it went something like this, very calmly: 
"Excuse me everyone but my water broke."

And then they were off! A beautiful dinner was served but it took the back burner with all the excitement and anticipation. I love how moments like these bring even strangers together. 
This is life and it's beautiful. 

Nothing makes a statement like showing up to childbirth in a long evening gown! This family knows how to make an entrance.

Happy Anniversary Meg and Arik and Happy 1st birthday Claire! 
Much love to you and your families.


  1. This is a beautiful story Kristen! And now that we've met Claire, she is a beautiful baby. Loved reading this!

  2. I just love this blog post and these photos <3 I'm so glad you were there to capture this amazing day, and am excited to see all the wonderful moments you captured at our (no less exciting and Claire-filled) wedding :)

    Thanks so much, Kristen!