Wednesday, March 28, 2012

cheese please | garrotxa

This cheese is fantastic. I've been eating it with everything: on my sandwiches, grated over pasta, on it's own, with proscuitto...add a little bubbly and I'm a happy girl.

taste: a little earthy, balanced, bright, and a nutty aftertaste 
texture: firm, smooth, semi-hard, occasional small holes
milk: pasteurized goat
rind: natural, gray colored
region: Catalonia Spain
notes: The Catalan region has a wet, mountainous climate which lends to fertile grounds for the goats to feed on producing a very luscious milk with a lot of depth in flavor. Apparently, this cheese is just making it's come back (around 1990) and thank goodness it is! In the mid 1900's the government put restrictions on farmers/policies making this cheese disappear. It seems that it's mostly small producers creating this cheese again.
Garrotxa pairs well with wine (bubbly & softer, lighter reds), on it's own or as a garnish to a heartier dish. It an "easy" cheese in the fact that there's enough flavor to please the funkiest of cheese eaters to the ones who lean towards the milder flavors. This cheese will remain in my fridge for as long as my local cheesemonger carries it. :)

Thank you Levi, from Feast, for the recommendation!

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  1. Yum. I just came from the market but now I want to go back and look for some to try.