Friday, January 28, 2011

being present.

One of things I both admire and love about kids is their present minds. You can physically see their train of thoughts..."oh, look there's a bird. run. but wait what's this down here? can I eat it?" some might say these poor kids have ADD. I say find me a child that DOESN'T think like that. I recently met a little girl that spent the afternoon going about her normal routine of playing hide and seek, gymnastics, asking questions but decided she was going to speak to everyone in her English accent. She is a trip. Kids are a trip. I don't have kids and am not anywhere close to ready for that step in my personal life but I absolutely love hanging out with them.

These photos are of an awesome family in Florida that I stayed with for a few days. We rode our bikes out to this pier in their neighborhood that opened up to nothing but marshlands and birds. It was such a cool spot! The youngest was on the move the whole time...seriously, check out some of her moves.

You ladies are so much fun. Thanks for taking me out there! See you next time!


  1. thank you lindsay. I appreciate the comment!

  2. Nice job! I really dig #3. And the write up made me laugh-snort. Luckily no one else heard me...

  3. Dawn-I'm so happy that this evoked the "laugh-snort"! that in itself is success. : ) thanks girl.

  4. LOOOOOOOVE this post!!!! adorable!