Monday, December 13, 2010

the gift of giving.

hello. so, it's been a while (BLOGGER FAIL). I promise to work on that.

this time of year I get all nostalgic. It's a funny thing, "giving", it's both selfless and selfish. Either way it's fun.

I recently met and photographed 7 families that may have had a hit of bad luck but surely didn't show any sight of strain. the kids, the parents, they all showed so much love towards each other and to me. It's quite refreshing. You know that cliche statement "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"...well many times in life, both in my own and others, it's proven true. I find people so interesting and sometimes inspiring. I love what I do!

My gifts to the lovely families. once upon a time I did a bit of graphic design work and one of my favorite things was to create cards, invitations, silly suess-like rhymes so it was fun to bust out a tiny piece of the card stuff again.

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