Tuesday, August 24, 2010

meet aviley & jack

I've truly enjoyed my summer! It has been jam-packed with family, friends and travel and I've put work/blogging on the back burner...but I'm back and if you'll excuse my absence I'm ready to share!

One of my trips was to St Augustine, Florida, where I went to college, to visit my dearest friend Natty and her husband Brent. Although, THIS trip had a double bonus...TWINS! Aviley and Jack, who are now just over 6 months old! Aviley has red hair like her dad and Jack has dark hair like his momma and man are they cute. They both are totally laid back babies and have facial expressions that will make you laugh all day! It's going to be so fun watching these two grow up.

Natty and Brent: it was soo good to see you both. You are great parents! much love.

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  1. cutest!! love them all! aviley so smiley and jack so serious! :)