Saturday, April 10, 2010

Buenos Dias!

I'm in Managua, Nicaragua photographing for a wonderful company, Agora Partnerships. I've had the pleasure of visiting a few local entrepreneurs that they have helped both financially and with business training. Agora basically helps small business owners get on their feet and stay there, not to mention it also helps build a sustainable community. The few businesses I've visited so far have been incredibly welcoming (especially to a non-spanish speaking gringa) and are hardworking and take pride in what they do. I have photos that I would love to post but the internet isn't cooperating so it will have to wait...ugh. I want to share some of the amazing people I have met!

My food experience has been pretty awesome as well! lovin' the gallo pinto along with the local beer Toña.

sorry no images but stay tuned!

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